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Terms & Conditions


 These terms & conditions relate to all internet/telephone/fax/face-to-face sales with We advise you to read them carefully before placing any order(s) for goods.

By accessing/utilising our website and/or placing any order(s), you agree to be legally bound by these terms & conditions, as they will govern any contract of sale we enter with you. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms & conditions, then please refrain from accessing/utilising our website, or making a purchase. These terms & conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

To enter into a contract of sale, you are required to be at least 18 years of age.

1.            GENERAL

1.1          We reserve the right to alter/amend these terms & conditions without any prior notice to you.

1.2          We reserve the right to cancel your account at our discretion if we feel it is in our interest or safety to do so, without giving any prior notice to yourselves.

1.3          The account holder agrees not to share their login and password details with any individual, under any circumstances, as the account holder will be held responsible for all purchases made from their account.

1.4          We reserve the right to refuse any order at our discretion.

1.5          We reserve the right to demand further verification of personal details (including proof of address) before processing an order. This is to minimise the risk of fraud.

1.6          It is your responsibility to ensure your registration/account details are correct and kept up to date. We are not liable for any cost/losses that may arise from incorrect details supplied by you.


2.1          We endeavour to accurately portray the colour/dimensions of products that appear on our website. We cannot, however, guarantee complete accuracy in the product pictures/photographs that are shown. A commonly encountered variable factor is colour, which can be affected by monitor setting and camera flash.

2.2          Our suppliers have a policy of continual product development and reserve the right to alter the specifications of the products without prior notice with regards to future sales.

2.3          From time to time, there may be changes in the packaging in which the product is housed. This packaging may differ from the actual photo represented on the website, however the product will be the same.

2.4          On rare occasions we may display items from a clearance/discontinued range. These items will be displayed explicitly as such on the individual product specification. Although these items are new & unused, they may have knocks/scratches/defects resulting from over-handling or prolonged storage, which we will endeavour to describe on the product specification. As expected, the bargain sale price will reflect such a product.

3.            PRICES

3.1          In the unfortunate circumstance we have priced a product incorrectly (in error or omission), we reserve the right to subsequently cancel a product order. In such a circumstance, a refund will be offered. We will not accept any liability for any additional costs/losses incurred by you as a result of this eventuality.

3.2          The price for the goods will be stipulated at the time you place your order. We are entitled to make adjustments to the price to take account of any increase in our supplier’s prices, or the impositions of new/altered taxes or duties. We will in this circumstance inform you of the correct price and give you the opportunity to cancel the order. We will not accept any liability for any additional costs/losses incurred by you as a result of this eventuality.

3.3          All prices are inclusive of VAT, when they are subject to it, and at the prevailing rate. The break-down of these charges are stipulated on your invoice.

4.            PAYMENT

4.1          Full payment will be taken at the time of order. The appearance of a fully cleared payment for the whole amount will represent a binding agreement for the purchase contract. The price of any product is the price in force at the date & time of order.

4.2          You must pay by debit card/credit card at the time of the order. If required by you, other payment methods may be considered. In this circumstance, you will need to contact us to discuss alternative payment arrangements prior to placing an order.

4.3          You must undertake that all details you provide to us for the purpose of making a purchase are correct. You must ensure that the debit card/credit card/bank account you pay from is your own, and that there are sufficient funds or credit arrangement to cover the full cost of the purchase.

4.4          Irrespective of the method of payment, we will require fully cleared funds for the whole amount prior to processing your order. Please note that this is variable, depending on your method of payment. For example, debit/credit card payments are instantaneous, whereas a payment by cheque can add an average of 10 days to an order.

4.5          By accepting the terms & conditions, you are consenting to us holding your debit/credit card and personal information on our system.

5.            DELIVERY

5.1          We will endeavour to deliver your purchase as soon as possible. The vast majority of our products are sent from the UK and within a 30 day period. The time frame for delivery is dependent on the type/quantity of product, location of the supplier and your location as a customer, as well as other factors such as payment method. Sometimes a delay in delivery of goods is beyond our control. We are not liable for any                               losses/costs/damages/charges/expenses caused by any amount of delay in delivery of the goods.

5.2          We seek to carry out all orders within the 30 day limit for carrying out a contract as stated in the consumer protection regulations 2000, However, occasionally orders of some products cannot be delivered within this period. This may be due to the reasons described in 5.1, and would be more likely to occur if the product has to be manufactured to order. We will contact you if there are any significant, unforeseen delays.

5.3          Once the goods have been delivered, you are responsible for them. Our responsibility (other than damage due to our negligence) will end from the time & date of the first attempted delivery to you.

5.4          Any changes made to the content of your order will have an impact on your delivery date. In this circumstance we may be unable to deliver in the initial time frame and a new approximate time frame for delivery will be given.

5.5          You are responsible in providing a safe passage from the public highway to the place of delivery. If the delivery-staff consider this unsafe, then delivery of goods will be deferred until safe passage is provided.

5.6          If goods are damaged in the course of delivery, our liability for that damage is limited to the repair, replacement or refund of the goods.

5.7          In the unfortunate event, where an ordered product is not available, we will refund that particular product and dispatch the rest of the order.



6.1          You have the right to cancel and return purchased products within 7 working days from the day after you have received the goods (cooling off period). This must be in the form of an email, fax or posted letter sent before the 7 working days have expired. A telephone call is acceptable provided it is followed up in writing within the time period stated above. You are advised to keep some evidence of a written cancellation notice such as certificate of posting or confirmation of fax/email transmission. Please note, this returns policy in not applicable to products made to the customer own specification (customised products) or to person(s) purchasing our products for business use. In this circumstance there would be no cooling off period.

6.2          We will refund you within a maximum of 30 days of cancelling an order. The delivery cost will only be refunded if the item has not been sent already.

6.3          In the event you cancel an order, you will be responsible for delivering the item back to us at your own expense. The item should be returned within 14 days of receipt. If the items are returned at our expense, we are in our rights to charge you the direct cost of recovery.  You will not be liable for any restocking or administrative charges.

6.4          In the event of a cancelled order, you have a statutory duty to take care of the goods whilst they are in your possession. The items should to be returned in their original packaging and as you received them, although we understand packaging may have been disturbed for inspection of the items. You also have a statutory duty to ensure we receive the goods back and that they are not damaged in transit, failure to do so would be breach of statutory duty. Should you require, and at our discretion, we may arrange for the items to be delivered back. In this event the items     must be made available for collection. The direct cost of this will be charged to you, including the cost of recollection should the items not be made available for collection in the first instance.

6.5          We request that you adequately inspect delivered items on receipt. Any faulty products should be reported in writing/email/fax as soon as possible and within 14 days of receipt. A telephone call is acceptable provided you follow this up in writing/email/fax within 14 days of receipt. In the event of a faulty item, we will offer either a full refund or a replacement. Please note that replacement of a faulty item would be to our discretion depending on availability. We are not liable for any cost/losses to you resulting from delivery of faulty items or the failure to deliver replacement items due to lack of stock.

6.6          In the event of receiving a faulty product, you have a statutory duty to take care of the goods whilst they are in your possession. The items must retain their original packaging and as be in the same condition you received them, allowing for disturbance due to product inspection. In such a circumstance, after we have been informed, you have the option of returning the items at our expense or we will arrange for the items to be collected. If we arrange to collect the items, please ensure the items are made available for collection. You may be charged for recollection should the items not be made available at the first attempt.

6.7          If in the unlikely event goods are lost in transit, we can either send you new goods (depending on availability and at our discretion) or offer you a full refund. We are not liable for any costs/losses to you resulting from items lost in transit, or failure to deliver replacement items.

6.8          Should you receive a replacement item in the event of loss in transit or fault, please be aware that the same cancellation policy will apply as with the original purchase (see 6.1). Acceptance of this is confirmed with acceptance of these terms and conditions.

6.9          In the event that an order is returned to us due to an unsuccesful pickup by the customer, the customer will be liable for the redelivery charge.