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Perfect for almost every situation, deciding on a nylon zipper for your item maintains a balance between performance, quality, and affordability. But when it comes to deciding on the kind of zipper you need for your garment, why are nylon zips so useful for certain tasks and what can you use them for?

Nylon Zips

Nylon Zips

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What are they and when should I use Nylon Zips?

Also known as coil zippers, Nylon zippers are relatively modern – with the substance first being created in 1938 – and originally used for military manufacturing during WW2. This resulted in the creation of a product that is supremely durable, cost-effective, and suitable for a range of different uses. This unique flexibility is due to the small ‘teeth’ of the zipper being made from the monofilament and, due to their size and number, can follow the contours of a human body or any object without a drop-off in efficiency or increased risk of snagging.

High durability: Nylon zips are extremely rugged and can take a battering before they break. While you may be unlikely to head into combat, this means that you do not have to worry about heavy use or breaking the teeth of the item. Due to their ubiquity, if they do end up snapping or snagging, a repair or replacement is often quick and easy.

Extremely flexible: A key component of their design, their ease of use means that they can be wound across a number of shapes; from complex dress designs, backpacks, rucksacks, sleeping bags, carryalls and much more. This also means they can be collapsed and folded for rough wear in tents or larger items, giving designers and haberdashers a wealth of options.

Goes both ways: A nylon coil zipper allows for travel both ways – letting you use your zipper on bi-directional garments or fastenings. This lets you add a little flexibility to your old favourites, or make sure that any new garments that you are creating are fully fit for purpose.

What uses do they have

Due to their strength and ease of repair, these long-lasting items are deployed for a number of uses in the office, home, and nearly every wardrobe in the nation. This long-lasting utility makes them ideal for a number of uses in the haberdashery sector, including but by no means limited to:

Cushions and upholstery: Sown into the coverings of most cushions, a nylon coil ‘invisible’ zipper (one that is turned backwards to hide it from view) helps provide a pillow that doesn’t end up with teeth or the zip-head digging into whoever happens to be sitting on it.

Dresses and skirts: An essential part of any garment repair is replacing old and worn zippers or updating favourite dresses. This can give a range of styles, colours and sizes to suits all types of dress and make sure that your item is perfect – from a small tweak to a full redesign.

Adjustments and repairs: No matter what type of item is being repaired from tents, outerwear or sports equipment – nylon’s durability, wearability, and immunity to the elements makes it a perfect choice. This means it’s a great fit for those looking to maintain their gear, re-size their equipment, or keep an old favourite in service for a few years longer.