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Don’t let a poor choice of zip ruin your newly-made garment! When you’ve spent hours sewing that special project, the last thing you want to do is unpick a broken zipper. Metal zips are stronger than their plastic counterparts, making them a great choice for a long-lasting garment.

YKK zips, produced by a Japanese manufacturer, are the gold standard in open-ended zips. They’re the ideal choice if you’re making a coat or jacket. Just think about it: in the course of a day’s wear, you’ll be zipping and unzipping it many times, so you’ll need something that’s built to last. This is one part of your sewing project that you shouldn’t skimp on. A popular choice used all over the world, YKK zippers are worth the hype.

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Metal Zips

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When buying a separating zipper, be sure to check the length to make sure it’s suitable for your project. If you can’t get the exact length you need, it’s better for your coat or jacket zips to be slightly longer rather than shorter. Shortening a metal zipper is possible, with the help of a sturdy set of pliers. This isn’t the easiest task, and it can take a bit of time to finish the job. However, shortening a metal zip may be time-consuming, but you will never be able to make a zip that’s too short long enough for your garment! It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so opt for the longer zip if you have to. Remember when selecting your jacket zip that, if you’re lengthening or shortening the sewing pattern to fit your measurements, you’ll need to take that into account.

Jacket and coat zips are available in different finishes, such as a sleek black colour or a classic brass. Choose wisely, as the zip will be right in the middle of your body, as the focal point of the whole look. Your choice of zipper can make or break the final design. These heavy duty zips look great with a variety of fabrics, including wool blends, thick twills, and denim – all classic choices for outerwear. They also help to elevate the appearance of your project, making it seem less homemade. A sturdy, brass coloured metal zip can make your jacket look classier and more expensive – something you won’t be able to achieve with a plastic zip.

When it’s time to sew your open-ended zip into the garment, follow the instructions carefully. It’s essential to get both sides perfectly lined up because any mistakes will be extremely jarring to the eye. Luckily, the zipper tape is tightly woven, so if you need to, you’ll be able to unpick and start again several times! But be careful: although the separating zipper tape can withstand multiple unpickings, your fabric might not be able to. For perfect results every time, be sure to use a zipper foot that’s appropriate for your sewing machine. It’s also a good idea to baste the zip in place before sewing it properly. To do this, use a long machine stitch that will be easy to unpick without damaging your fabric.