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Bonded nylon thread

What is bonded nylon thread?

Bonded nylon thread is available in various thicknesses and is suitable for any sewing project where extra strength is needed. It is manufactured using nylon to give a very high tensile strength, making it ideal for a whole range of sewing uses. As well as having extra strength, the thread resists moisture and bacteria, meaning that it will be unaffected by damp or mildew. This also means that the thread is rot proof and chemically stable. The strength of bonded nylon thread is achieved through a coating process which takes place after dyeing. Once coated, the thread becomes tough and flexible, which prevents it untwisting when sewn into fabric. The extra strength of the thread also means that it has excellent shock absorption.

Bonded Nylon

Bonded Nylon

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What should I use bonded nylon thread for?

Here at Marketplace Mayhem, we believe bonded nylon thread is essential for any sewing project that needs extra strength. It is also very important to use this type of thread if the item will be exposed to damp, dirt or will be taking weight. Ideal for multidirectional and high speed sewing, bonded nylon thread can be used for sewing many different items.

  • Upholstery – As cushions and chair covers receive a lot of wear, a strong thread is essential. A bonded nylon thread also helps to strengthen curtains.
  • Canvas – Typically used in footwear, sails and shopping bags, canvas is a heavy fabric and needs a strong thread. These uses also require a thread that will not rot when it comes into contact with moisture.
  • Luggage – The whole point of luggage, apart from looking great, is that it is strong. Bonded nylon thread, as well as providing an attractive feature on bags, ensures that luggage is fit for purpose and will not degrade over time.
  • Toys – Teddy bears may look soft and fluffy, but don’t forget that strength is vital in building a good bear (or other creature). Toys which develop holes can be very dangerous for young children, so a strong bonded nylon thread is essential. Toys can also be put through a lot of strain as they are played with, as well as being exposed to damp and dirt, so a strong, waterproof thread will help to preserve the life of toys.
  • Leather – Valued as a strong, flexible and hard wearing fabric, leather requires a strong thread to hold it together. For projects like saddlery or leather clothing, a nylon bonded thread ensures a durable finished item.

Which bonded nylon thread should I choose from Marketplace Mayhem?

Bonded nylon thread is available in three thicknesses – 20s Bonded Nylon Thread, 40s Bonded Nylon Thread and 60s Bonded Nylon Thread. The thicker the thread, the stronger it will be. The thickest thread (20s) is most suitable when a bold contrast stitch is needed. This is the strongest thread, so use it with fabrics like leather and canvas that need extra strength. The 40s and 60s thicknesses are still very strong and are more suitable for use on upholstery and toy making projects. At Marketplace Mayhem, bonded nylon thread is also available in a wide range of colours to match any sewing project.