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Marketplace Mayhem is the place to come for a wide range of Moon Thread products – including spun polyester sewing thread in many different colours; from multicolour value packs to single colour varieties, in boxes of 10 x 1,000 yards.

Moon Thread is produced by the renowned thread supplier Coats Ltd, a German manufacturer which has long been noted for the quality of its thread. Using Moon Thread has the ability to improve your machine sewing significantly, and for this reason, it has stood the test of time as one of the most popular products on the haberdashery market.

Moon Thread

Moon Thread

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What is Moon Thread?

Moon Thread is 100 per cent polyester thread which is staple spun, and typically available in a range of over 150 colours. Moon Thread is an ideal general purpose thread which can be used for many different types of garment construction and general sewing tasks. It can be used for appliqué, embroidery and topstitching for decorative purposes. It is typically favoured more for sewing lighter items, rather than things which could be considered ‘heavy duty’. Moon Thread is known for its fluffy feel, making it soft to touch.

Aside from being used with sewing machines, Moon Thread can also be suitable for overlocker and hand sewing. The strength of Moon Thread makes it particularly useful for overlocking.

How do I buy Moon Thread?

Marketplace Mayhem is your online home for Moon Thread! You can usually find Moon Thread in spools which are 1,000 yards in length, and customers have the option of purchasing boxes of ten. When it comes to the larger, multicolour packs of 24 spools; these are available in collections of either light or regular colours.

‘Bang for your buck’

With each ten box containing over 10,000 yards of thread, Moon Thread is recognised as offering outstanding value. Providing a broad variety of colours and delivering brilliant quality, for many, Moon Thread can be considered the first choice when choosing threads for sewing activities.

A heritage in haberdashery

At Marketplace Mayhem we are proud to be a stockist of Moon Thread from Coats Ltd, an incredible organisation with a history steeped in the haberdashery tradition. Coats set up shop all the way back in the 1750s, founded by the Coats and Clark family in Paisley, Scotland. In the 1800s, the company rode a wave of popularity on the back of its popular 3-ply sewing thread, and first established an overseas presence by making the move into the American market. As one of the first truly global thread suppliers, Coats continued to expand throughout the 20th century, and successfully weathered the manufacturing decline of the 1980s and 1990s. Coats remains at the forefront of thread manufacturing, working with industries such as aerospace and automotive to provide new, cutting edge products. But it might be said that their Moon Thread is still the most cherished product!

Browse our Moon Thread range today and benefit from the best prices, and product consistency.