An overlocker, also known as a serger, is a great way to give your sewing projects a professional level finish. Overlock Threads are brilliant at strengthening seams on knit fabrics or for hemming, it will work just as well on wovens. You can use it for a clean finish to your seams, and also for neat hems.

Overlocking thread is different from regular sewing machine thread. In fact, it’s the thread that often makes people feel intimidated by these machines! Unlike a normal machine, an overlocker uses large cones of thread – usually three or four known as Overlocking Cones.  You will not be able to use a regular bobbin of thread on this machine. This works both ways: if you’re trying to thread your sewing machine with overlocker thread, you can damage it and cause major problems to your project. Be sure to always use the correct sewing cotton for the task at hand! Overlock machine thread is a bit thicker than all-purpose thread used to create a Lockstitch and often used in Bridal Wear in the UK.

Overlocking Thread

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